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Worth A Thousand Words

I’ve been focusing a lot on my writing recently, which is good as I want to be a writer! But it has meant that my website here, and author page on Facebook, have been very much lacking in content.  And for that I’m sorry. I do, however, have lots of things to be going on here and on FB to keep them much more active 🙂  Watch this space for some short stories and updates on my novel in progress, along with a contest or two that I hope to launch in the not too distant future.

My website is probably going to have a bit of an overhaul. But as that’s a big job and I didn’t feel like tackling that just yet, I decided to work on my author page on FB first.  Yesterday I played around with Photoshop (I forgot how much fun that is to play with!) and some free-to-use pictures, and came up with an awesome new FB cover for my author page!  Well, I think it’s awesome 😀  Hopefully you will too.


I tried to get the cover to show some of what my novel is about, as a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words.  In my novel’s world there is both magic and technology, but they are kept very seperate with only a few who can walk the line between both sides.  I think the cover captures this without needing an explanation (though I just gave you one anyway lol), and I hope you guys and girls agree 🙂

I have some more artwork to add to the mix soon by a very awesome and tallented illustrator! More on that later…

Oohh the intrigue! 😉



New Year, New Focus

First I want to apologise for seeming to drop of the face of the blogging planet.  It wasn’t my intention but with moving home, moving country and a whole host of new things to learn, I got a bit overwhelmed and needed to take an internet break.  The break also included one from writing too, while I got my thoughts straight again and could focus on plots and not “Argh this is all so new and what do I do?!”.

So, second I’d like to say…  Happy New Year to everyone 🙂  I hope you all had a fun time and that 2012 is starting out as a good year for you all.

I’m working on two short stories at the moment which will be posted on this site later this month, if they make the cut.  Right now one of them is going much better than the other but I think there’s still hope!  Nothing an edit or five won’t fix.

As far as the novel goes… I’ve made an executive decision to turn my focus to my 2011 NaNoWriMo novel, Pink Mist, instead of the 2005 one.  As I wrote in an earlier post, Pink Mist pushed the other ideas aside and demanded that it be written for NaNo.  Well, the story is still clambering to be written first and the world that it’s in is throwing ideas at me left, right and center.  Which is great 🙂 but I do wish they’d order themselves a bit better hehe.

As a teaser, Pink Mist is (currently) focused on good vs evil and how the smallest of actions can have huge effects for either cause.  The protagonist is an assassin, who still has no name.  But I think as an assassin its ok for her to keep some anonymity 😉