I’ve been focusing a lot on my writing recently, which is good as I want to be a writer! But it has meant that my website here, and author page on Facebook, have been very much lacking in content.  And for that I’m sorry. I do, however, have lots of things to be going on here and on FB to keep them much more active 🙂  Watch this space for some short stories and updates on my novel in progress, along with a contest or two that I hope to launch in the not too distant future.

My website is probably going to have a bit of an overhaul. But as that’s a big job and I didn’t feel like tackling that just yet, I decided to work on my author page on FB first.  Yesterday I played around with Photoshop (I forgot how much fun that is to play with!) and some free-to-use pictures, and came up with an awesome new FB cover for my author page!  Well, I think it’s awesome 😀  Hopefully you will too.


I tried to get the cover to show some of what my novel is about, as a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words.  In my novel’s world there is both magic and technology, but they are kept very seperate with only a few who can walk the line between both sides.  I think the cover captures this without needing an explanation (though I just gave you one anyway lol), and I hope you guys and girls agree 🙂

I have some more artwork to add to the mix soon by a very awesome and tallented illustrator! More on that later…

Oohh the intrigue! 😉



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