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Fingers Crossed!

So, the block finally broke and I got my writing hat on for a contest I’ve been talking about lately.  You know, I don’t actually have a writing hat but now I’m thinking I should. Anyway, back to the contest! It was hosted by Angel Illustrations and, as I’ve mentioned before, the rules were to […]

If The Idea Fits…

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Writer’s block.  Ask any writer and they’ll all give you a pained expression, knowing your pain if you’re experiencing this almost debilitating frustration. So far, I’ve only ever experienced writer’s block twice.  Once a long time ago, so long in fact that I don’t remember what I was stuck on – I just remember the […]

A Case Of The Noo-Nees

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A while ago a friend linked me to a funny blog where the owner tells stories that have happened to her, with added cartoon drawings.  That helped my procrastination reach new heights.  But one of them stuck with me from a writers point of view, the Alot. I don’t think I’ve ever been guilty of […]