So, the block finally broke and I got my writing hat on for a contest I’ve been talking about lately.  You know, I don’t actually have a writing hat but now I’m thinking I should.

Anyway, back to the contest!

It was hosted by Angel Illustrations and, as I’ve mentioned before, the rules were to write a short story, poem or descriptive piece based on what will become his new “signature image”.  As yet, the image is unfinished but I can tell it will be beautiful when completed – you can check out the full information of the competition here if you have a Facebook account.  …and, if you have time, feel free to check out my Author Page.  All support is greatly appreciated – your “likes” mean so much and somewhere a Noo-nee will get his wings.  Or a cookie.

So yes, I finally got rid of the writer’s block that had been plaguing me and hopefully I’ve done Angel’s new piece of artwork justice.  My submission was a short story and I’m keeping everything crossed right now, I may even plait my hair!  Talk about cutting it close though, I emailed my submission 2 hours before the deadline.

The close-cutting of deadlines won’t be a regular occurrence in my future career.  Honest.  …ish.

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