A while ago a friend linked me to a funny blog where the owner tells stories that have happened to her, with added cartoon drawings.  That helped my procrastination reach new heights.  But one of them stuck with me from a writers point of view, the Alot.

I don’t think I’ve ever been guilty of talking about the Alot rather than describing a lot of something, but now whenever I see someone else say alot (or even the proper, a lot) I end up smiling, or sometimes giggling, gaining me many weird looks if I’m not alone, thinking of the fuzzy Alot and what he might be doing 🙂

But something I’ve been doing lately (maybe even a lot!), much to my own frustration, is typing noone instead of no one.  Where these Noo-nees come from I have no idea, but my head imagines a bunch of sprite or pixing looking things, crawling all over the place.  Just like the Alot, the Noone is very versatile and people seem to always care about what the Noone thinks or does…

Noone is helping me today.  “Aww, thanks Noo-nee, you’re a great help!”

Noone has made fun of me today.  🙁

Noone likes me! (Yay!)

I hope Noone saw that.  (Noones like to see fun things!)

So now, as well as being able to talk more about Alots, you can tell people “Yes, Noones are very helpful!” when Noone helps them out.