I feel as though this should be a welcome post.  I definitely want to welcome people to my blog! 🙂  But other than actually saying “welcome!”, I’m not really sure what to put here.

Take a look around the site, check out the “About” section to learn a little bit about me 🙂 and later I’ll be adding a section with samples of my work and probably other goodies too.

I write what used to all be lumped under the Horror genre, even if it wasn’t horrific, but now is split into Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Supernatural Fiction, Paranormal Romance…  I think a specific genre for my work will become apparent after I’ve finished the novel I’m working on.  But until that time, I cross a blurry line between Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy (that’s a blurry line in itself!) and Supernatural Fiction.

Anyway, make yourself at home!  I’ll be settling into the site properly in a few weeks and will then post regularly about my writing and progressing to publication.