This month I’m taking part in the A-Z Challenge! Which means I’ll be writing 26 posts (on set days through the month) each one corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. Today is day 6, which means letter F.

My theme for the month is: Secret Diary Of A Serial Killer. Each post will be a new chapter in the story – I’m really excited to finally get this novel idea out of my head and into words. I hope you enjoy it! πŸ™‚

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We rode in silence, Capinski at the wheel and me looking out the window watching the landscape rush past. Even though it was less than 24 hours since I’d been out to dump Anna’s body, everything looked different in the light of day – the sun shining down almost as if to say β€œI see you”.

He pulled the car onto the dirt path heading towards the vacant cabins. A few officers were still there, keeping control of the scene.

β€œHave you been here before?” He said.

β€œI…no,” I stumbled over the words.

Before the last couple of days, I hadn’t been here. I silently thanked him for inadvertently reminding me to play the unknowing Detective.

I got out of the car, a carpet of pine needles gave a soft crunch beneath my feet.

β€œThis way,” Capinski said.

He started walking towards an area behind the cabins. Away from where I dumped the body. Playing the innocent new Detective on the scene, I followed him.

β€œShe was found over here?” I said.


I stopped in my tracks. The serial killer had moved her? Why?

β€œWho found her?” I said, looking around casually, trying to see if anyone was checking out my actual dump site.

β€œA local hiker. There was supposed to be a…” His voice drifted off as he turned around the back of a cabin. After a few seconds he reappeared and frowned at me. β€œAre you coming or not?”

β€œUm…yeah,” I said, walking over to him. β€œI was just taking in the scene.”

He grunted.

β€œSo what was there supposed to be?” I said.

β€œOh, some kind of sponsored hike. About 20 people were going to show up. The organiser arrived early to get everything set up, and found her over here.”

Around the back of the cabin was a large dumpster. It had a lock, to stop wildlife getting inside, which looked to be still intact.

β€œHe dumped her here?” My eyes went wide with realisation. β€œHe literally dumped her, at the dumpster.”

β€œYeah,” said Capinski. β€œMaybe she did something he didn’t like.”

Yeah, I thought to myself. Maybe I did.

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