Again, sorry for the delay in posting the third story for my Story A Day challenge.  Jubilee weekend preparation and plans (we had a party) took away my online time!  This one is short and again unedited so hopefully you will keep that in mind 🙂  I think any pet owners will be able to relate to where this story came from in the depths of my mind hehe!


Death By…

As I lay there with a knife sticking out of my chest, I couldn’t help but laugh. It was me who’d told everyone to be careful. Me who’d said “That cat will kill you if you don’t watch it!”

And now it was me who lay dying on the floor. Cup and saucer smashed on the hall tile, cake plate and cake thoroughly decimated. Cake knife in chest.

The cat sat looking smug on the stairs she’d just used as a racetrack. Casually licking one paw as if the speck of dust that dirtied her fur was the only care in the world.

It’s funny the things that go through your mind at times like these. I felt miffed that I wouldn’t get to have that last slice of chocolate cake, the one I’d secreted away last night before anyone else saw it. I noticed a cobweb on the underside of the stairs, dust clinging to it, and wished I had a duster handy to wipe it away.

I wished I hadn’t paid that damned overdue bill yesterday morning.

I tried to turn and see the hall table. The phone sat out of reach, taunting me. Next to it, the clock’s hands clicked to 4:30pm. No one would be home for hours.

As I turned my head back I saw a chunk of cake that had scattered near my shoulder. Teasingly close. The cat stretched and pawed at the bottom stair, claws extending in maniacal splendor. Then with a flick of her tail she sauntered back upstairs.

I sighed at the cake and gurgled a little. At least no one else would get to eat it either.