Some of you may have noticed a day ago that my website had a few…hiccups on the layout and content department.  I made the mistake of doing a theme update and it completely messed up my layout.  Minor frustrations turned into bigger ones because I tried to fix it but no matter what changes I made, nothing changed on my site!  Thankfully, my husband keeps a backup of everything so I asked him to revert to the last one – which he misread and reverted to January which gave me another freak out at the content loss lol!  But, he fixed it and all is well now.

But it got me thinking.  I have so much on my computer that I don’t back up regularly and I really should.  We’re currently preparing to be hit by Tropical Storm Isaac (which may or may not turn into a hurricane) and if my computer got damaged I have backups of some things, but definitely not all.

So today that’s what I shall be doing.  We have an emergency kit to rival most zombie apocalypse kits – no joke lol – and now I shall add my writing and photographs being backed up too.

The moral of the story is: don’t pull faces at your husband for keeping regular backups of your website.