This month I’m taking part in the A-Z Challenge! Which means I’ll be writing 26 posts (on set days through the month) each one corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. Today is day 21, which means letter U.

My theme for the month is: Secret Diary Of A Serial Killer. Each post will be a new chapter in the story – I’m really excited to finally get this novel idea out of my head and into words. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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I didn’t move while Capinski tied my hands in front of me with a zip tie. I didn’t even flinch when he ran his fingers through my hair.

He stood up and walked across the room, bored with my lack of response. I hoped he thought it was from the drugs, but thankfully I could feel my mind becoming more clear as time passed by. I just needed him to be distracted long enough for me to trust my limbs to work properly.

My mind kept drifting to Johnny, but I couldn’t spare a thought for him right now; for whatever Capinski might have done to him. I needed to focus on getting myself out of here.

From my sitting position I had a slightly better view of the work bench in the middle of the room. A black cloth lay over something – or someone.

I silently hoped he needed to deal with whatever was under there before turning his full attention to me. Anything to buy me more time.

Capinski started whistling to himself, a tune I hadn’t heard before. Maybe something he made up. I couldn’t see what he was doing but there was a lot of shuffling, and the sound of something being dragged along a counter.

I flexed my fingers and moved my arms a little while his back was turned, testing my reflexes. Not perfect but better than they were. I moved my head from side to side, slowly, and my vision followed the motion with a slight delay, like I was drunk. At least that was something I could work with.

Capinski turned around from the back wall and moved to the work bench. I could hear him pushing something like a rolling tray table, but I couldn’t see what was on it.

His whistling continued as he fiddled with things I couldn’t see. He looked at me a few times, trying to see how awake I was.

I kept a glazed expression on my face, blinking very slowly every so often. He smiled whenever he saw it.

His hand trembled as he reached towards the black cloth, and he slowly dragged his fingertips over the top of it. Down, down, from one end to the other.

I could tell from the way the cloth moved and indented, there was definitely a body under there.

He closed his eyes briefly and sighed. He seemed almost remorseful about what he was going to do.

And I realised, a moment before he pulled the cloth down the body, he had abducted Carly.

This was his end game.

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