This month I’m taking part in the A-Z Challenge! Which means I’ll be writing 26 posts (on set days through the month) each one corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. Today is day 17, which means letter Q.

My theme for the month is: Secret Diary Of A Serial Killer. Each post will be a new chapter in the story – I’m really excited to finally get this novel idea out of my head and into words. I hope you enjoy it! πŸ™‚

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Johnny stared at me as I walked back to the corner booth and sat down. Hie eyes bored into me but he didn’t say anything.

I opened my mouth to speak but he lifted a finger in front of my face, the glare only seeming to intensify.

This wasn’t good.

I knew he liked the diner to be kept a secret. I mentally kicked myself for not being more careful to be sure Capinski didn’t follow me there.

Johnny got up from the table and walked over to me. He reached in his pocket and I kept my hand resting on my gun, just in case. He withdrew his hand and with it a device of some kind. He waved it over me in systematic movements, it beeped a few times – once for my phone, once for my police radio, and a third time over my back pocket.

I reached in and pulled out a small disc. Johnny took it off me, walked outside and I watched him place it in a plant pot near the door.

He walked back and sat across from me once more.

β€œCan I talk now?” I said.

β€œNo,” he said. He sounded calm but his face was showing so much emotion. β€œThat was how he tracked you.” He pointed toward the plant pot outside. β€œHe must have slipped it in your pocket…at some point.” He raised an eyebrow as the said the last few words.

I knew he would have seen the kiss. I didn’t know it would have upset him this much, but he seemed more angry about that than the fact I was followed.

Johnny leaned forward. β€œWhen were you going to tell me that you’re dating the guy who left the tip line message?”

I was surprised he recognised Capinski’s voice. β€œHe’s not my boyfriend,” I said, rather too defensively. β€œHe’s my partner. You know, at work.”

Johnny folded his arms and raised an eyebrow.

β€œThe kiss…” I stopped and considered how much to tell him. Would he want to help me take down Capinski? Would his help just get in the way of my own killing pastime – I’d hate to have to take out Johnny for knowing too much. I’d do it, but I’d hate it.

β€œLook, I know you and I have always kept our lives private,” I said. β€œSo how much do you even want to know?”

He leaned forward and surprised me again. β€œAll of it,” he said.

β€œYou don’t know what you’re asking,” I said, my voice hushed.

He smiled. β€œMaybe I do.”

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