This month I’m taking part in the A-Z Challenge! Which means I’ll be writing 26 posts (on set days through the month) each one corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. Today is day 15, which means letter O.

My theme for the month is: Secret Diary Of A Serial Killer. Each post will be a new chapter in the story – I’m really excited to finally get this novel idea out of my head and into words. I hope you enjoy it! πŸ™‚

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Capinski and I made a plan to meet the next day 30 minutes before work so we could begin to plan a kill together. The thought excited me a little – to see someone else work up close – but also worried me that he had such a skewed view of my part in this.

I didn’t want to be like him. He killed surrogates instead of the women he clearly wanted to kill. He was weak.

But he was willing to let me in. If I could just play the part of doting sidekick, I’d be able to see him kill. And that thought thrilled me.

Still, there was no way I trusted him so on my way home I parked at a local restaurant, made my way inside and out through a side exit. Hiding in the shadows I headed for a cafe down the street and called myself a cab.

I called Johnny as I was on the way to Sunrise Diner, leaving a brief message apologizing for running late.

As usual he was sitting in a corner booth. I smiled as I made my way over.

β€œSo you’re still alive?” He said. He tried to play it off jokingly but I could tell he was really concerned.

β€œTakes more than a serial killer to get rid of me,” I said.

He pushed a cup of coffee towards me. β€œHave you eaten?”

I shook my head. β€œBut I’ll wait for the waitress on my own time,” I said before he could annoy anyone.

He laughed. β€œNo need, I already ordered a couple of burgers. Hopefully that’s ok, I remembered you had one last time.”

Interesting, I thought. β€œSure.”

We chatted for a while, eating burgers and drinking coffee like old friends, even though we barely knew anything about each other and went out of our way to keep it like that.

β€œSo, you’re really not going to tell me,” Johnny said,

β€œTell you what?” I mumbled around a bite of burger.

β€œWho made the call! I could tell you knew the voice.”

β€œOh, that.” I shrugged. β€œI can’t discuss the case.”

His look told me he didn’t believe that was the whole truth. But he didn’t ask again.

β€œHow’s my phone coming along?” I said.

β€œIt’s coming,” he said. β€œWhat they did wasn’t very sophisticated – I’ll spare you the tech jargon. But if you can give me until tomorrow I’ll have added a few…extras for you.” He grinned.

I laughed. β€œSure, I can wait.”

β€œYou two look cozy,” a familiar voice said over my shoulder.

Johnny’s face froze, staring behind me.

I turned round and looked at Capinski.

β€œNot going to introduce us?” He said, with a forced smile.

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