So, this is the first of my Story A Day posts.  I just wrote it a few minutes ago and, unlike what I said in my original post, I’m not going to be editing any of the stories before I post them on the blog.  Scary, I know!  But I think it’s good to just get the raw version out there because this is an exercise to get me writing, not to get me editing and I know I’ll just be bogged down with it if I start.  So as such, please forgive any typos, spelling errors, bad grammar and the like.

Story one is sort of a snippet of something that could be turned into a bigger story some day.  It just came to me this evening, so that’s what I wrote 🙂



“Name.” The doorman barked the word at me, not as a question.

I smiled. His eyes stayed glued to his tablet for a few moments longer before he looked up, eyes meeting mine directly and never straying to my curves.


I smiled wider and flicked my hair. If sexy seductress wouldn’t work then maybe ditzy playgirl would.

“Name,” he said again. Same tone, same facial expression.

Think, think, think. I rocked to my other foot, just in case this all went south, and tried the only other thing I could think of.

“Roxy Monahan.” The truth.

His face hardened. A feat I had thought impossible. His hand with the tablet lowered and his other reached into his jacket, presumably to draw a gun. My right foot hit him hard in the chest, I started to turn, ready to follow up with a few punches but saw something from the corner of my eye. Too late I realised it was the damn tablet and it smacked into the side of my head.

I staggered to the side then righted myself, kicking off my heels as the giant boulder of a doorman jabbed with his right. I dodged and punched his side. He let out a small, almost inaudible, breath from the impact. At this rate we’d be here all year before I even got him to say “ouch”.

A cough sounded behind me and I dropped, spinning to see the second opponant. Only it wasn’t an opponant. It was worse.

“I hope my date isn’t causing too much trouble Nick.” His voice was deep, silky, made you think of sex or really good chocolate.

“Not at all sir,” the boulder replied. He straightened his jacket and stood behind me. A looming presence I was all too aware of.

“May I?” A masculine hand appeared in front me of, which I rejected and stood without help.

“Your date?” I whispered, raising an eyebrow.

“My brother may not like you Miss Monahan but we only look alike, not think alike.”

I smiled and rested my hand on the arm he offered me as I put my heels back on. My dress had seen better days but after a quick trip to the ladies room it wouldn’t stand out too badly. Or at least wouldn’t look like a crumpled mess.

“Shall we?”

I linked my arm through his, ignoring the look from the boulder, and secretly did a happy dance that I’d found my way in. Although perhaps that dance was preemptive, considering I’d just become the date of the brother of the most dangerous man in New York.


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