I’ve never been a fan of Lady Gaga.  There are a couple of her songs that I sang along to in the car when they came on the radio, but for the most part they were all just too pop-tastic and drowned in synth that they just didn’t grab me.  I’d known for a while that she wrote the songs too and didn’t just perform them, but because of the added pop-ness the lyrics never really made much of an impression on me.

Last night though I was looking at some pianists on youtube and there was link to Lady Gaga performing a couple of her songs with just a piano.  I checked them out because I’m a sucker for piano music and wow I was really surprised at the talent she has!  The quality to her voice is fantastic and the lyrics she writes are really good, it’s such a shame she doesn’t do an “unplugged” album because I would buy that in a heartbeat going by these very few links on youtube.

It’s sad in a way that to get the celebrity she has, she had to almost hide her writing, instrumental and vocal talent.

Here is a video from before she was known as Lady Gaga, she performed live at NYU several years ago and this song is just so beautiful – the writing and the performance.

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