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Wallpapers and Writing

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I subscribe to a few author Facebook Pages, but the one most often updated is Ilona Andrews.  Today she (or they, not sure who wrote it) mentioned her latest blog post, which talks about writing and inspiration; what to do if you feel stuck.  After reading it (you should too!), I found the wallpaper idea […]

Say NO to PIPA and SOPA

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I know I’ve been going on about PIPA (Protect IP Act) and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) a lot on both my Facebook page and Twitter account for the past month.  But the threats of both of these bills are no where near over.  For anyone who doesn’t know what’s happening, basically these two bills […]

New Year, New Focus

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First I want to apologise for seeming to drop of the face of the blogging planet.  It wasn’t my intention but with moving home, moving country and a whole host of new things to learn, I got a bit overwhelmed and needed to take an internet break.  The break also included one from writing too, […]