My blog has been pretty neglected lately and I’m sorry for vanishing off the blog-planet.  With a new puppy my time for being online had been cut down dramatically – and my energy with it!  Thankfully now he’s getting older and better at being house trained, I can finally get some brain power back and focus on writing.  Good, right?

Well, you’d think.  But my brain seems to have shut off for a while.  Not for inspiration, that’s still there and ideas are constantly flowing, but my motivation to actually sit and write has just vanished into thin air!  That is until today when I was reading the April issue of Writing Magazine (catching up on my reading too, as the puppy seemed to stop that happening as well!).  In it was a few paragraphs by a subscriber, Stephanie Mark, who talks about how she – due to a 10p bet with a friend – has been writing a story a day and will continue to do so for 365 days.  Wow!  That’s a lot of writing.  Yet when you think about it, that’s what writers do.  They sit, every day, and write.  Not normally a new story each day, but they still sit and write and create their soon-to-be-finished novel.

Stephanie’s story has inspired me to do something similar, to get my brain back into writing mode.  Starting next week I will write something every day, then give it a quick edit the next day and post it on my blog before starting that day’s piece of writing.  I’m not going to commit to a whole year as I do want to focus on my WiP again sometime soon!  But that’s what this is all about so I’ll tentatively say for 7 days, perhaps making it longer if I still feel a lack of motivation tugging at my brain.

Time to put some of these ideas to use!