Story A Day vs WiP

So, the Story A Day challenge worked really well for what I set out to do!  Day one refreshed my mind.  At day two my brain was switched back on in writing mode and I had a flood of ideas for my WiP that have made me so excited to work on it again.  Day three I was still working through the ideas in my head for my WiP while I wrote Death By… (which is possibly my favourite story of them all).  Then at day four I made the mistake of forcing myself to write a Story A Day instead of actually working on my WiP, which is what I really wanted to do.

I temporarily forgot how the Story A Day challenge was a tool for me, to get my brain back in writing gear, and instead I forced myself to work on a challenge story instead of the project that I was doing this all for!

Which means, for now, no more Story A Day stories because I’m really eager to get back to my WiP!  The ideas I’ve had basically mean I’m changing the whole world-building for the novel.  This is no small task and I’m wondering if it hasn’t sunk in yet just how much work I have ahead of me because instead of feeling nervous, I’m really excited by it :)  Which is why I know I need to work on that instead of the challenge for a while.  My brain is back in writing gear, my enthusiasm is soaring and the fun is absolutely back in writing for me!

I will be writing some more Story A Day stories, I enjoyed doing them and still have a couple of ideas that I want to get out at some point.  But for the time being, they won’t be every day because I really need, and want (woo!), to work on my WiP.  And that’s the most important thing, to get the novel written :)

Wish me luck!


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  1. T. James says:

    Good luck with the world re-building Natalie. It sounds like a major job, but it’s great your short stories have reignited your fire and given you the inspiration you needed.

    I liked the cat and chocolate cake story too. :)

  2. An says:

    Definitely wishing you luck!

  3. I suck at world building…I fall into the trap of assuming that my reader knows more than I actually tell them. It’s something I REALLY have to work at.
    Good luck!

  4. Steve McHugh says:

    I love world-building. It can be incredibly hard work, but it’s a great feeling when things start to click. Good luck

  5. Brian says:

    Glad it worked! Mission accomplished! I’m really happy it got your brain back into writing mood, and we know this approach works for when it decides to take another break! I think rebuilding the world will definitely pay off in the final product, simply because you’ve put more thought into it and are careful with it.

    I look forward to a finished product, and perhaps more short stories along the way :)

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