Tis The Season

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Yes, it’s that time of year again!  Time for all of the planning, making sure you keep in touch with family and friends and stocking up on food and supplies.  I can’t believe the past year has flown by, it seemed like only yesterday that we were all doing this NaNoWriMo prep! 😉

Actually, I didn’t get to take part in NaNoWriMo last year.  Brian and I had only just got married a couple of months before and the America move plannng was well under way, so things were pretty hectic without adding 50,000 words into the mix.  I’m torn this year though between a couple of ideas: one that’s been in my mind for quite a long time, or one that’s a fairly recent idea but is set in the same “world” as the previous idea.  Or, I suppose, I could be a NaNoRebel and work on my manuscript that was started in NaNoWriMo 2005.  But I think something new is better, gets the ball rolling on other work that’s floating around in my brain.

This will be the first time doing NaNo in America – yep, I’ve finally moved as of 10 days ago :)  We’re actually off to a resort today that was Brian’s Anniversary gift for me (that we couldn’t do until after I’d moved).  It’ll be nice to get away and relax before the hectic month of November.

As well as writing the 50,000 words, I’ll be going to my first ever Thanksgiving to Brian’s family in another state.  Very exciting but I hope they won’t mind me turning up with my laptop and NaNo notes in hand hehe!

One last NaNo related(ish) note.  I’m going to be disabling comments on my blog after this weekend for a while.  I went to update my profile on the NaNo website, to add this web address in, and almost right after I did it my site is being spammed to hell.  I have this site linked on several other places and never had any issues before, but this was going from zero spam to a lot right after I posted it on my profile there :(  I’ll notify them, although I’m not sure what they could do about it anyway, but for now (or very soon) the comments will be disabled on here.

Back to better things, good luck to everyone taking part in November!  Just remember that every word counts, so even if you can only fit in 5 minutes of writing then take it and just write as much as you can in those few minutes.  It’ll all add up in the end :)  Be sure to check out the fun things on their website too!  This Nanotoon was me a few days ago 😉

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  1. Anne Michaud says:


    There’s always next year for Nano, right? Or even camp Nano in the summer…

    Happy Halloween – we make a big fuss about it over here, so get your costume ready;)

  2. T. James says:

    First, I’m really glad you made it OK to the US, and seem to be having a ball over there. :)

    Second, well done for being mad/brave enough to take on the Nano.

    Lastly, really sorry to hear about spam. If this is a WordPress site I use Akismet which cured my spam problem… I was getting about 30 a day, but now it’s less and it’s very good at letting through legit comments. Moving the blog to Blogger is also an option, my wife hosts her blog there, and their spam protection also seems quite solid.

    Keep posting if you get chance, we can always show love with FB, Twitter and G+ likes … don’t let them grind you down… >|;-I

  3. Marianne Su says:

    Weird (and scary) about the spam thing. Good luck on Nano.

  4. Gareth says:

    Sorry to hear about the spam Natalie. Just please don’t let it stop you blogging. Best of luck with Nano, and I’m preparing my rebellion now.

  5. Pat Hollett says:

    Good post Nat. Sry you got spammed. That sucks. Hope your Anniversary vacay helps recharge your energy for NaNo..and I’d agree with working on something new. So many new ideas can spring from it which will give you lots to write about. Good luck with the inlaws. And hope you’re settling in okay. :)

  6. Good luck with Nano!
    And enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  7. Sorry to hear about the spam. My blog is with Blogger and they are very good at catching spa comments or marking as needing moderation comments that see iffy.

    You’ve had quite a hectic year. Congrats on your wedding and your move. I hope you enjoy Thanksgiving and good luck with Nano.

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